I am a designer who …

  • enjoys designing and rethinking user interfaces
  • only settles for razor-sharp, pixel-perfect graphical artwork
  • has a master of science degree in design for interaction (think UX+UI) and a bachelor of science degree in industrial design engineering (think hardware) from delft university of technology

I am a software engineer who…

  • has been programming since age seven
  • loves to reverse-engineer, poke around with gdb/lldb, sniff traffic
  • likes objective-c and cocoa for their prescribed coding conventions and predictable design patterns
  • dislikes writing html/css because of its ugly legacy
  • has skills in digital electronics and hardware prototyping

I work at Pebble nowadays.
Although my main focus is software development for a few self-run projects, I am available as an external consultant if you need one of the following:

  • technical advice on iOS app architecture and development
  • advice on web-service (api) design and security for mobile applications
  • reverse-engineering / penetration testing of existing iOS or Mac apps and accompanying web-services
  • debugging hard to find iOS problems that are endangering your critical deadlines
  • review/audit existing or draft application usability and interaction design

I founded Noodlewerk together with Jorn van Dijk (no, not this Jorn). I have been developing apps since the “early days” of the iPhone App Store. At Noodlewerk, we created award winning apps for the Dutch audience, like Uitzending Gemist, Parkmobile, 3FM, Luisterpaal, VPRO Tegenlicht’s Money & Speed, Consumentenbond, etc.

End of 2011 I decided to say goodbye to the company that Jorn and I had built. I wanted to “re-boot” and to chase new opportunities.